Pack your sun screen! Reports predict heatwave for Swell

Dare we say it, but early predictions have indicated that we could possibly be in for a heatwave over Swell weekend.

It is still early days and, as we all know, the weather in Ireland can be very unpredictable, but hopes are high that this could be an all-around amazing weekend for festival goers on the island.

The Facebook page Donegal Weather Channel, who do a great job reporting the weather for the county, reported earlier today that nearly all weather models are in agreement of a warmer spell of weather being on the way.

It stated: “The American GFS, the European ECMWF, UK Met Office, the Canadian GEM, Japan JMA weather models are all going for a blocking pattern to setup over Ireland for the end of next week into the weekend with a Azores High pressure system to sit over western Europe to bring a very fine spell of weather which will see plenty of sunshine and warmer conditions with temperatures into the mid twenties.”

Donegal Weather Channel wrote the length of the spell of good weather at the moment is not clear but could last a while, but also warned: “If this set up takes place, which I think it’s going to, it will also bring the ongoing risk of thunderstorms.”

Things can change, of course, but wouldn’t you hate to miss Swell Music & Arts Festival if the weather does turn out to be as predicted.

We can’t think of a better place to be in Ireland than Arranmore Island, when the weather is great. Who are we kidding, we love it even when the weather isn’t that good.

We have called in someone to give us a more educated weather report for Swell weekend next week, so watch this space.But in the meantime, make sure to get your tickets for Swell here and don’t miss out on a great weekend of music, arts and possibly amazing weather!

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