Make sure to book your ferries!

We very fortunate that there are two great ferry services providing transport to and from Arranmore island where Swell Music & Arts Festival takes place this weekend.

Here is some very important information regarding the ferry services which we ask that you read thoroughly to ensure that you trip runs smoothly with either Arranmore Ferry (Red Ferry) or Arranmore Fast Ferry (Blue Ferry) to Arranmore and back to Burtonport

Late Ferries on Sunday night/Monday morning
Foot passengers generally do not need to book a place with either company. However, both companies have kindly put on additional ferries to accommodate those who wish to leave the island on Sunday night/Monday morning.

If you want to leave the island at 11pm on Sunday, you need to book with Arranmore Fast Ferry (Blue Ferry). If you want to leave at 2am on Monday morning you must book with Arranmore Ferry (Red Ferry). We stress again that this also applies to foot passengers wanting to leave the island.

Bringing your motor vehicle
Should you wish to bring your motor vehicle, you must book your crossing with one of the ferry companies, to AND from Arranmore to guarantee your place, otherwise you may be delayed.

Parking is at your own risk. There is no parking available on site and any vehicles causing obstruction will be moved as we must respect the needs of islanders, as well as ensuring that emergency vehicles have access, if required.

We are very grateful to both ferry companies for their assistance every year with Swell Music & Arts Festival. We look forward to seeing you all on Arranmore this weekend. Tickets can still be purchased here.

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