Last chance to get your Islander tickets

Last updated Monday, July 17, 10pm
THIS is an important notice regarding Islander tickets to this year’s Swell Music & Arts Festival. The discounted tickets have been on sale since Wednesday, July 5, and we are delighted to say that they are nearly all gone!

Island residents who have booked tickets are asked to collect their tickets from Early’s Bar by Wednesday, July 19, at the latest.

Members of the island diaspora who can’t make it home until Friday can still pick their tickets up then, but are asked to please contact Jerry directly on Mobile 0878054246 or send a direct message to the Early’s Bar Facebook page to confirm that they are definitely taking the tickets, as demand has been very high for the Islander tickets.

Due to such an enhanced line-up at this year’s Swell, there will be no free resident passes issued this year and there is only a very small amount of discounted Islander tickets left. So to avoid disappointment, purchase your tickets as soon as possible from Early’s.

Members of the Arranmore Diaspora also have the chance to book tickets for themselves, if you can’t purchase them in person before the festival. You can do so by contacting Jerry directly on Mobile 0878054246 or sending a direct message to the Early’s Bar Facebook page.

If you do miss out on the Islander tickets, we would still love to see many of you at the festival as your support is very important to us. Day passes will still be available on the website. We thank you all for your understanding and support.

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